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League Of Legends

Dire Wolves to RAISE the stakes by bringing first LCK player to OPL

March 11, 2021

In a recent announcement we talked about our long term strategy at Dire Wolves. It’s an ambitious strategy involving a ten player roster. It’s a considered strategy that will mean in the future we will have a successful team built from homegrown talent nurtured and supported via the Dire Cubs. It’s a strategy that focuses on being competitive at the highest level today combining experienced players with up and coming talent. And importantly, it’s a continually evolving strategy that allows us to achieve the goal of securing our spot in MEO at Rod Laver Arena and representing Oceania at Worlds for the third consecutive time.

With that said, we’re excited to announce the signing of JiHwan ‘Raise’ Oh, who will be the first former LCK player to join the OPL.

Raise in LCK with Kongdoo Monster in 2018

Coming from the Korea Challenger league in 2015, Raise began his professional career on Team Roccat, spending a year in Germany competing in the EU LCS. He later returned to Korea to compete in the LCK with Jin Air and Kongdoo Monster. After spending 2 seasons in the LCK, Raise decided to move to the LMS, having strong performances and leading G-Rex to the 2018 World Championships.

Raise will be joining the team in Sydney later this month training from our facility at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

View of the Sydney Cricket Ground from Dire Wolves training facilities.

JiHwan ‘Raise’ Oh, Dire Wolves Jungler

호주의 명문 팀에 입단하게 되어서 영광이고, 롤드컵 본선을 목표로 열심히 하겠습니다

It’s an honor to join Oceania’s premier League of Legends team, the Dire Wolves. I will do my best to qualify for Worlds 2019 and advance to the main group stages.”

Nathan ‘Rippii’ Mott, Founder & CEO

It’s surreal to think that we would end up crossing paths with Raise in this way, being at the 2018 Worlds Play-in stages at the same time as us when he was on G-Rex. What stood out for us during the selection process was Raise’s drive to lead a team from the Jungle position, which aligned with how we wanted to build our team going into next Split. Having spent a year in Germany, Raise already has strong english ability which we also valued highly.

Please join us in welcoming Raise to the Wolfpack and be a part of our journey heading into the next Split and towards our goal of having the privilege of representing the OPL at worlds.

We will also soon be announcing our second import player who competed in the LCK Split 1 of this year. We are confident that this addition of experience will complement the development of our local talent, helping us achieve our goal of being globally competitive.

You can follow Raise on Twitter and Dire Wolves on Twitter and Facebook.