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League Of Legends

Dire Wolves double their commitment to performing at Worlds 2019 with second LCK signing

March 11, 2021

As hinted in our recent announcement we’re excited to unveil our second import player, another marquee signing from the LCK.

After coming to a transfer agreement with SANDBOX Gaming we’re excited to announce our new support player, Jong-seop ‘Totoro’ Eun.

Going into Split 2 we wanted to include a mix of experienced players and signing Totoro further adds a competitive edge to our game-changing 10 man roster. These signings will contribute to the on-going development of all our existing players from Split 1.

Totoro came onto the professional scene with ESC Ever, winning the Korea Challenger (CK) series and qualifying to the LCK with his team. He has a wealth of LCK experience competing on multiple teams including bbq Olivers, Team BattleComics and most recently SANDBOX Gaming, but has also spent a year in the EU LCS (LEC) with Unicorns of Love in 2018.

Totoro achieving Rank 1 Challenger on the EUW Solo/Duo ladder while on UOL

Jong-seop ‘Totoro’ Eun, Dire Wolves Support
호주 다이어 울브즈에 입단하게 되어서 기쁘고, 롤드컵 진출을 목표로 최선을 다 하겠습니다.

I’m excited to be joining Dire Wolves and will do my best to qualify and perform at the 2019 League of Legends World Championships.

Nathan ‘Rippii’ Mott, Founder & CEO

Having another LCK calibre player in Totoro alongside Raise is not only exciting for the pack but the Oceanic region as a whole. Dire Wolves domestic success in the past has largely been a result of a strong Jungle and Support duo, so using our two import slots on those roles just made sense for us. With Totoro spending a year living in Europe, he is familiar with western culture will which make for an easy transition into the team.

Along with Raise he will be joining the team in Sydney later this month, training out of our facilities at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

You can follow Totoro on Twitter and Dire Wolves on Twitter and Facebook.