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League Of Legends

Dire Wolves sign former Cub Katsurii for OPL

March 18, 2021

The final addition to our 10 man roster is a familiar face to the Wolfpack. Continuing his development now on OPL Dire Wolves, we’re excited to announce ADC Robert ‘Katsurii’ Gouv.

Katsurii was initially recruited into the Dire Cubs at the beginning of 2018, marking the launch of our academy program. Aiding in his experience, we brought him a long as our official sub for Rift Rivals 2018 where OCE would take the Pacific Rift Trophy. Katsurii has also been performing exceptionally in solo queue this season with two accounts in the top 20 rank of the Challenger ladder.

Katsurii in the green room with the team at Rift Rivals 2018 Sydney

I am very grateful for the opportunity presented to me from the Dire Wolves. With the amount of resources provided to me and my time spent during my time in the Dire Cubs, I am confident in my ability to produce results and prove myself in the OPL.” –‘Robert ‘Katsurii’ Gouv, Dire Wolves ADC

Katsurii has been around Dire Wolves infrastructure enough during our Championship 2018 year making for a smooth transition to our OPL squad. I’m confident that Katsurii’s talents will soon be getting him a seat at the OCE greats table and I’m excited to watch his performance in the OPL.” – Nathan ‘Rippii’ Mott, Founder & CEO

Following this announcement Dire Wolves 10 man roster is as follows:

Dire Wolves starting OPL Roster

  • Brandon ‘BioPanther’ Alexander – Top
  • JiHwan ‘Raise’ Oh – Jungle
  • Pak Man ‘Siuman’ Lo – Mid
  • Robert ‘Katsurii’ Gouv – ADC
  • Jong-seop ‘Totoro’ Eun – Support

Current Dire Cubs OCS Roster

  • Dragon ‘Dragku’ Guo – Top
  • Toby ‘Udysof’ Horne – Jungle
  • Jarod ‘Getback’ Tucker – Mid
  • Andrew ‘Anderu’ Baihn – ADC
  • Ian ‘Corporal’ Pearse – Support
  • Samuel ‘Kweku’ Eyeson-Annan – Substitute