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March 10, 2021

Redefining the blueprint for how non-endemic brands can successfully integrate into the esports ecosystem

● The Esports High Performance Centre (EHPC®) is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership with Neosurf to assist with their goal of becoming a valued endemic brand.

● All ecommerce elements within the EHPC and associated teams will have Neosurf integrated into them as a payment option.

● Neosurf and the EHPC are developing initiatives with 4 of the teams associated with the EHPC aimed at elevating and further professionalising esports in Australia.

(Sydney, NSW, October 2019)

Taking effect immediately Neosurf are now an official partner of the EHPC which will include the sponsorship of 4 teams associated with the EHPC.

The partnership includes full integration of the Neosurf payments products into the EHPC e- commerce infrastructure, providing payment options for merchandise, memberships and training courses.

Neosurf will also be sponsors for 4 teams currently operating within the EHPC;

● OPL favourites the Dire Wolves as they head into 2020 with a mission to get back to Worlds

● EA FIFA pioneers N8 Esports as they continue to dominate the console space in Australia

● Dota 2 new entrants Team Oracle as they successfully overcome all before them with their focus firmly set on representing Australia at TI 2020

● All girl gamer group Supa-Stellar who are supporting women in esports and gaming

The team sponsorships involve co-created activations that will help esports continue to establish itself as a professional and inclusive industry in Australia. Activations will involve scholarships for up-and- coming players as well as supporting bootcamps, providing online coaching and hosting events.

Gareth Jones (CEO of the EHPC) summed up the partnership by saying the goal is to successfully transition Neosurf from being a non-endemic brand to becoming a truly endemic brand. “For a brand to become integrated into the esports community there needs to be a dedication to understanding the audience and developing activations that deliver on their needs and motivations. The team at Neosurf are awesome to work with and fully appreciate that simply putting their brand on our shirts is not enough to achieve our goal”

Antoine Metivier (Director of Partnerships at Neosurf) sees esports as the perfect place to expand the Neosurf footprint and the EHPC as the perfect partner to help achieve their goal. “Providing value to the end user is our aim at Neosurf in everything we do whether it is through our payment products or our partnerships and initiatives. The team at the EHPC is the perfect partner as we enter into the esports space because they operate across multiple esports and importantly for us of have a deep level of understanding of the different fans and how brands can add value rather than simply try and extract value.”

EHPC is a unique organisation in Australia that provides the infrastructure and support for esports athletes and teams to accelerate their growth and success.

NEOSURF ( is a world renowned payment solutions business. They offer simple and safe ways for people to make purchases online.

If you would like more information on either this announcement please contact:

Gareth Jones CEO EHPC

+61 400 395 354

Antoine Metivier Director of Partnerships at Neosurf

+44 7930155784