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League Of Legends

Top 3 ADC Champions on Patch 9.4

March 11, 2021

In this post I will be covering which 3 champions I think are best to win games through bot lane on patch 9.4.

I will cover standard build path, my favourite rune setup as well as the skill order. To finish it I also share my top 3 tips for each champion.


Quick Tips:

  1. Because Tristana has a reset on her rocket jump when her explosive charge reaches 4 stacks on an enemy champion, if you are able to use your rocket jump before that and then use the 4th auto, you can use another rocket jump. If you kill them use it a 3rd time to get out.
  2. Using explosive charge on turret is an underrated strategy, even if you get 2 stacks of it each push you will chip the tower over time.
  3. Remember your ultimate adds a stack onto the explosive charge, so this in conjunction with the 4th auto rocket jump reset can be used for extra burst opportunities.


Quick Tips:

  1. When laning try and get feathers out in the lane, if they don’t respect the location of your feathers you can get a root and a nice trade.
  2. Starting W level 1 is a great way to get a great trade as the first wave crashes, this can catch the enemy off guard sometimes.
  3. Using ultimate to dodge key abilities is essential, e.g Camille ultimate / Nocturne Ultimate


Quick Tips:

  1. Ensure you move out of vision before you use ultimate to catch your opponent off guard and get a nice chunk
  2. Holding your Arcane Shift in fights can prevent certain dive champions from wanting to target you. Just because you have an extra escape doesn’t mean you have to use it sparingly.
  3. Make sure you have an angle to hit your opponents with Q in lane, the best way to do this is stand outside the minion wave to widen the angle.