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League Of Legends

Top 3 Support Champions on Patch 9.5

March 11, 2021

In this post I will be sharing my 3 favourite support champions to carry in solo queue on patch 8.5

I will go over my build path, rune setup and standard skill order. I’ll also give you my top 3 tips for playing each champion.


Quick Tips:

  1. Standing in bushes and channeling W while looking to flash is a great way to secure 100 to 0 kills
  2. Galio W also a great form of peel, so sometimes sitting on your ADC and holding W can deter potential dive champions from going in
  3. Galio’s E is much quicker if you use it in the opposite direction, use it to instantly knock up the enemy


Quick Tips:

  1. Standing back for lantern and playing peel thresh is another viable way of playing the champion, especially when you are versing a lot of dive champions
  2. Putting 3 points in E in melee match ups is a great way to win trades as your flay is on a much shorter CD
  3. Lantern can be used to face check bushes instead of yourself


Quick Tips:

  1. Utilize the passive by standing still in bushes and walking out with the speed boost to get poke off
  2. Rushing mobility boots and walking to other lanes is highly effective due to having a point and click hard CC ability
  3. Hexflash is also another great rune to take when you feel you don’t need stopwatch.